Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today Is Now

                                                                      Artwork by~ Isabelle Bryer

It is June 7th. There is nothing extraordinary about that fact. I like plain old days without expectations and to do lists. I sit in the sun until my heart pounds and sweat drips down my spine, as if  running away from something so frightening...afraid to look behind. The thing is, I'm lounging on my porch, not running from monsters, the sweat will cool me, and I can always move into the shade. Today is moments strung together like the pearls on a necklace, each one perfectly beautiful in its simplicity. There will be other days unlike today...days with excitement, fear, or sorrow. I'm not worrying about those days. Even on tumultuous days, I can choose how I react, feeling each emotion, knowing it will come in waves like the ocean, breaking and receding. Today is like no other. Today is now.