Sunday, June 10, 2012

Word Of the Day Challege Day #10~ Emotional

I would definitely say that I'm an emotional person. Someone not that long ago said that as much as they think that I try to avoid my feelings, I feel things more deeply than most. I'm not really sure what that means. I think we are all emotional beings, it is just that we aren't very comfortable admitting to those feelings. I don't want to show my feelings to others for fear of being ridiculed. If I'm vulnerable, than those feelings I show leave me wide open to being hurt. I'm not very good at hiding how I feel, and I'm easily wounded. I think of these things as weaknesses, as if emotions are bad. I've done things to avoid my feelings like drinking alcohol, or restricting my food intake. We all try to protect ourselves from being hurt. I'm afraid to have peope show their feelings toward me, especially anger or sadness. Feelings can be overwhelming, and we often have the need to "fix" negative emotions. Emotions need to be felt not fixed. We often label feelings as good or bad, when in reality, they are neither. Feelings and emotions are merely a guage of our internal being. There is nothing good or bad about them, but they do give us some powerful insights when we can listen and learn.