Friday, January 25, 2013

Step Away From The Computer


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Here is a tip from me to you~ Never Google all of your health symptoms to find a diagnosis that fits. It will scare the living shit out of you! This is so crazy! I dislike going to see doctors, and avoid them as much as possible. I have a very high tolerance for pain... 4 natural childbirths/no drugs/no screaming or crying. I've had kidney stones and didn't shed a tear, although it did hurt like hell. In the last few months, I've been in and out of the doctors office. It was last April to be exact. I went in for a regular check up, and some minor complaints. I was having severe night sweats which I was chalking up to menopause. My hormone levels came back fine, so that wasn't the cause. My white blood cell count was high, but I was recovering from a bladder infection. Everything else was fine, so there wasn't a follow up. Around the same time I also began to have random hip pain. It would come and go, but by late summer it was bothering me enough to go have it checked out. The diagnosis was a possible stress fracture, and to take it easy. I also have osteoporosis from my years of anorexia. I babied the hip, and it seemed fine with only some occasional soreness. I continued to practice yoga daily, and tried to ignore any minor discomfort. A few days before Thanksgiving I came down with a sore throat and an itchy rash that started on my chest and spread to my back, arms, and legs. I also developed a cough, but never went to the doctor because I just figured it would work itself out. The rash went away, but the horrible itching never subsided. I went back into the doctor for the itching around the 1st of January. He took blood, and again, I have a high white blood cell count. He gave me an oral prescription, which didn't help, and a prescription for a lotion that the pharmacy had never heard of. I then decided to change my diet and remove gluten and dairy. Now it is mid January and the hip pain returns, worse than ever. Now I can barely walk, and actually cried in the doctors office because the pain was so bad. No one is giving me answers. I'm itching like crazy, I have night sweats and hip pain. I went in for an MRI on my hip today. The orthopedic doctor says it may be necrosis of the bone, which means that the bone in my hip is dying. He doesn't know about my others symptoms though, because I've seen so many different doctors at this point. Google says that I may have Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I need to step away from the computer!