Friday, May 10, 2013



"Sometimes she seemed like a woman without skin. She felt everything so intensely, had so little capacity to filter out pain that everyday events often seemed unbearable to her.
Paradoxically it is also that skinlessness which makes a poet. One must have the gift of language, of course, but even a great gift is useless without the other curse: the eyes that see so sharply they often want to close. Her eyes were astoundingly blue and astoundingly sharp. Nothing escaped her. She saw everything, and since most of what there is to see in the world is painful, she often lived in pain."
~Erica Jong
I don't believe that most of what there is to see in the world is painful, but I do believe that often times we rub salt into our wounds, or at least I find myself doing that by allowing my mind to travel back to what hurts. I examine it all in such great detail, torturing myself in the process.
I want to stop. I need to stop.

"Don't worry...
You will find the answer if you let it go
Give yourself some time to falter
But don't forgo

Know that you're loved no matter what
 and everything will come around in time."

~ Sarah McLachlan



Heather Jerdee said...

There is something I am acknowledging from my abuse, I am done trying to keep it in denial but I am not at a place to deal with it in a healthly way yet. It is so terrifing, I dissociate, totally just check out and want to hurt myself. My therapist and I working on what I can tell myself when it comes up so I can stay safe right now and keep on living my life. And trust that as I keep on healing I will be able eventually able to face it.
Yes we need self love and compassion. We have been brave, we are brave. This was so good for me to read also,this happens with you and I <3 :) there is no right or wrong way to heal and that self compassion is so important <3 you