Friday, March 14, 2014

Talking To Myself

A picture taken during teacher's training. I'm on the front mat in Bound Half Moon pose.(Ardha Chapasana) 
Last weekend was the third weekend of teacher's training. I loved every second, but I find myself stressing over making mistakes, and on Sunday, I had to have a talk with myself, because I cannot continue to beat myself up over every little mistake I make. I'm still learning the language of yoga, so expecting myself to already know how to get things out of my mouth in a smooth way is asking too much. After that conversation with myself, I felt better, and I will keep on practicing. I turned in my application to be a facilitator for the Eat, Breathe, Thrive program, and was accepted, so I will either have to wait until I'm certified, or find a certified yoga instructor to be my co-facilitator. I'm so excited to get the program started though, that I hate to wait until December. I will think about it this week while I'm on spring break. I cannot even believe it is already spring break. This school year has gone by so fast, and what a crazy, emotional, fabulous, scary year it has been! I'm ready for more!