Thursday, October 18, 2007

Seeing Through Different Eyes

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Today I am feeling more positive and hopeful. I had a really awesome breakthrough session in therapy yesterday. I had been thinking lately about how good I always felt about myself when I was pregnant. It is the only time that I didn't have dissociative episodes during sex.(sorry so personal, but I don't like to sensor my thoughts) I felt so good about my body and could appreciate all of the changes that were taking place. I took such good care of myself. I gave up caffeine, alcohol, anything that was even remotely unhealthy. I brought this up in therapy yesterday, and my therapist thought that it was very interesting, and came up with a few different ideas as to what that might mean. She came up with some insights that had never even crossed my mind, so I'm definitely going to be exploring those in my mind. I will let you know what I come up with. I also received a wonderful reply from my friend Theresa today on my previous blog post that really made me see through different eyes. Thanks Theresa!
I am off work today. I'm going to the boys school conferences to see how they are doing academically. There may be some grounding going on, but I hope not:) The sun is shining today, unlike the rain and clouds of yesterday. Thankfully, the sun always returns!