Sunday, November 11, 2007

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow

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Dave went out to get donuts for the boys this morning. Krispy Kreme~ glazed, jelly, and custard filled. Like I'm going to eat any of them! Justice just said, "You can have one, mom. There are three left." I just nod my head at him. What am I going to say? That in my mind a single donut could turn me to blubber in a matter of seconds?
Tonight we are celebrating birthdays. Justice turned 12 on Halloween, Roman will be 11 on Nov. 13th, and Christian turns 17 on Nov. 16th. We just do a big family party all at once since they are all so close together. It will help me to get out of my own head today. I need a vacation from me! I have this strange sudden urge to go and get all of my hair chopped off. Strange...
Today will be filled with food~ Pizza for dinner, cake and ice cream... I will be expected to eat some of it, and I don't think that I can. Already I'm planning in my head... how to avoid the food... It will be hectic and busy with my neices here. That will help.
I'm going to go and shower, and call some of the treatment centers on my list. I wish my nutritionist was in town so that I could ask her which ones she thought were best. I know that she said Renfrew in Philly, so I will definitely call there. I'm nervous about it, so wish me luck!
Much love, and have a wonderful day.
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