Monday, July 14, 2008

An "Emery The Rat" Update

Emery loves her Honey Nut Cheerios first thing in the morning.
It is going to be hard to take her back to the classroom. We have really grown attached to her this summer. She is such a cutie! She is very social, and greets anyone who will stop by to chat.
She is a great listener. Of course, she is always hoping that the visitor also has a treat for her. She loves peanuts, cheese crackers, and anything with peanut butter, which sometimes gets stuck to the roof of her mouth, and is quite humorous to watch her remove. I never thought that I could love a rat, but I do!


Anonymous said...

Thoughts of the Day:

"I think I smell a rat". unknown

But never back a rat into a corner!! Advice from wisemen.

Sunny said...

Oh Angie! Thanks for sharing the pic...Emery is ADORABLE!!!

Sorry you have to take him back, but at least you had a great summer with him.


Lumina said...

She's so cute. Rats are great pets for kids. My son had at a time of course...when he was 11 and 12.