Friday, October 3, 2008

Nature's Cure

Wild St. John's Wort

I'm feeling so much better than I was earlier in the week. My stomach problems have improved, and the results of my colonoscopy came back normal, so that was terrific news. I think that my depression has worsened some since I stopped taking the Lexapro, but I'm not willing to put up with the weight gain side effect, so I decided to go with the natural alternative for depression, which is
St. John's Wort. My doctors were actually fine with this, as they understand that the weight gain has also been contributing to my depression. It doesn't react with any of the other medications that I'm taking, so they didn't see a problem with me trying it.

I enjoyed watching the vice-presidential debate last night. By golly and gosh darn it, that Sarah Palin just annoys me to no end! She could never even manage a straight forward answer to any of the questions that were presented. Folksy, my ass! More like phony baloney, I say. She did better than I thought that she would, but I still didn't buy what she was peddling. I'm looking forward to seeing where the remainder of this election leads our country. It has definitely been interesting.

I'm so glad that it is finally Friday! I have been working with a very aggressive student all week, which has made work more stressful than it usually is, so I'm really ready to enjoy the weekend at home with my family. I did take some cute pictures of Emery the class rat though, so that is what I will leave you all with:)

Emery with popcorn


Emery with a pretzel stick


Anonymous said...

Well, "by golly" I'm glad you are feeling better. "Sucks", I knew you were just goina be just fine with all the good news coming your way.

That little Emery sure is a cute lil thing. "Sucks" I still think a rat is a rat no matter what they do. So by golly, lets just call it a rat!!

I'm glad you watched the debate and had an open mind about Joe Biden. So keep watching and we will talk soon.

Love ya by golly,

Old man in Florida

Sunny said...

I'm surprised to say that I think the rat is SO CUTE!

I felt the same way about Sarah Palin. I mean....she seemed to patronizing to me. It was annoying even to Tristan who can't stand to hear her voice. :) Even he noticed that she didn't answer questions.

She did better than I expected too, but I didn't expect much from her at all. I think it was sort of like the Brittany Spears thing, when everyone watched to see what terrible thing was going to happen. Palin came out better than Brit though.

I've used St. John's Wort as well and liked it and I have a friend who has used it at some point and also did well with it.

Love ya, girl.....

MOM said...

I think that ole man in Florida meant to spell shucks not sucks. Maybe not, anyway love that Emery!