Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reaching Out


I'm feeling good about how well I took care of myself yesterday, and today is a much easier day. I was able to reach out for help, and talked to my entire support team about what was going on. I struggled with food, but I was able to make myself a smoothie late in the afternoon, and I was also able to eat dinner. It wasn't easy, but I did it. I did many things to distract myself. I went for a walk, went to the grocery store, painted my nails, cleaned up the house, did laundry, listened to music, and watched a really funny movie called Confessions Of A Shopaholic, which I really enjoyed. It made me laugh, and that is what I needed to lift my heart up and out of the darkness of the past. Blogging and expressing my feelings also helps me to sort things out in my mind and gives me a plan of action. I'm so glad that I have this outlet!
Today has been nice and relaxing, and tonight we are going to spend the evening with Dave's family. His sister and uncle are in town, and tomorrow we will be celebrating his moms 70th birthday. It will be a fun and busy weekend filled with family which is just what I need right now. Later tonight Dave and I are also going to listen to a friend of his who plays in a band, and meet up with some of his old high school friends. I'm looking forward to that since we don't often go out without the kids. It helps so much to have activities and plans that will keep me busy and get me out of the house. It is easy for me to start isolating myself, and that never leads to anything good.
I want to thank everyone who has been reading and offering their support and encouragement. It helps a great deal to know that I'm not alone with many of my feelings, and that others have shared the same problems that I'm going through. I'm feeling stronger everyday!


Descartes said...

I hope you keep feeling better-I gave you a blog award, maybe that will help a bit.

Angel said...

Thank you! Awards are always nice:)

Egg Beaten Angel said...

Hi Angela!

Glad to hear that you're having fun! You're right--what a coincidence that we both happened to blog about the same thing!

I'm so proud of you for conquering your fears and having dinner yesterday, and Confessions was awesome, wasn't it? Happy 70th bday to Dave's Mom!

Have fun!

Egg Beaten Angel

Sugar Cribs said...

you have interesting point here :)

BK said...

Glad to read that you are feeling stronger everyday. You must have had a really fun weekend.