Thursday, August 13, 2009

School Days

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I can't sleep. I get just as excited and nervous as the kids do about the first day of school. I have my placement for the new school year, and I'm really happy about where I will be. It is a jr.high autism classroom with four boys, and I will be there all day. Usually my time is split between two different schools, so this will be nice. I've been working with the staff this week, and I already think that they are wonderful. Tomorrow I will meet the boys, which I'm looking forward to, and it is only a half day, which should ease everyone in, although the first few weeks are definitely a challenge. I suppose that is where the nerves come in! I just have a positive feeling about this year, and that feels good. Last year I was at so many different schools, that I never felt comfortable or at home anywhere. It was a tough year all around, and one I don't ever want to repeat.

I wrote this poem in honor of the first day of school. Wishing all of those students and teachers out there a great year!


First Day Jitters

The smell of blacktop
freshly poured.
Your teachers name
above the door.
Heart pounding
Stiffly standing
Hold on tight
to your momma's hand

Hair pulled up
with rubberbands
Itchy knee socks
Shoes that squeak
Tears that threaten
Quivering chin
Here you go
Life's tests begin

Angela Minard 2009©


Secret forest said...

Congratulations for this compelling post, Angel. I just had to say it. I also wish you a good course, I look forward to reading more.

stigma no more said...

Hi Angela,
Beautifully written. I hope this year goes well for you. It seems your off to a good and secure start.
Take Care,
Janet :)

PJ said...

i think this will be a great thing for you, being in one place. i sense your excitement and it feels good, doesn't it. the poem is great, something we can all relate to. have a great day angel...xoxo

Shawie said...

oh, that's a wonderful post, Angel:D)) sorry to hear about your struggle from last year, & this year seemed so promising! keep your chin up and stay positive always!

Unknownwriter and Almost Lover said...

The poem brought back long lost memories.:)

JulieRoshan said...

Awww what a cute poem. I have two babies girls under the age of two but it reminds me of what I will have to look forward to in the next few years.

And too I want to thank you for being the very first person to comment on my poem that was published on Ya'Sou! It is the first poem of mine that I have ever submitted and I was very nervous, but when I saw it posted on the site and that I had one comment already it gave me a great confidence boost. It's funny how small things can make a great impact. Thank You. And I want to say I am very happy about your life transcendence. Life is so much better lived when we are consciously aware of are actions and knowing we are in control. Just beautiful. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Good luck this year, sweetie.

Hope all will go well with you but you will know how to make the bad things good.

Enjoy the year......

Love Old Man in Florida

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Angel I am so glad your first week back is proving to be a good experience.

I had a feeling you would do well and it sounds like this year is going to be one of your best.

I think it's super that you get to spend all of your time at one school.

Great poem by the way. It made remember my first day of school, my children's and my grandchildren's!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend off.

Raven said...

A wonderful poem! Good luck on your first day!

Beautifuldreamer said...

Love this poem, and I too wish you the best this year!

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

My son had autistic classmates in his previous school, where they mixed children with autism, along with children with none. For some reason that amazes me, all the autistic children cuddled onto me as often as they could see me! They just seemed to love me more than anybody else around! And wait for me to show up at school (which wasn't often). :)