Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I had such an amazing yoga practice this afternoon, where the entire practice felt like a moving meditation, and I'm still flooded with a sense of peace and contentment. I don't have any pain in my hip right now, and I'm so grateful to be able to practice again. Not only was I missing the yoga itself, but I was also missing all of the friends I have made. I'm not going to allow what is going on in my body to steal my dreams. If I have to have surgery this year it may delay the teachers training, and my practice will be different, but where I am now, and what I'm going through is meant to teach me something if I can stop resisting and be open to whatever comes my way.
Today I practiced beside a new friend, and her energy was very soothing and calm. After class we were talking, and she told me she is a massage therapist. I have been wanting to get a massage but I knew that I would have to feel a certain level of comfort and trust with someone, and I knew it would have to be a female. I'm going to schedule a massage with her, and she also said she would like to get together to practice yoga. Yay for new friends!
I have a few days off work before summer school begins, but I'm actually excited to be teaching this summer. I'll be working in a few different pre-school autism classrooms, and I've really grown to love the little ones. It wasn't my comfort zone at first because I was so used to working with high school students, but it has been fun, and I don't have the stress and fear of being injured. The aggression of a 4 year old is not nearly as frightening as someone who is a teenager. My days are lighthearted, and I get more hugs!
Yay for hugs!