Monday, December 28, 2015

Always Love

I have been thinking about healing
and yoga
and love...
Always love
I cannot practice without intention
I set an intention before every practice
and most of the time it is simply to be present with my breath
From the beginning
I needed change
and devotion
and love
I found all of those things through yoga
but also within myself
Self love has been the most difficult
but I am learning 
I want everyone to love me...
Today my friends son told me he didn't like me
He is five
and yesterday he liked me just fine
During savasana
all of a sudden my eyes flew open
wondering why he didn't like me! 
I'm the child sometimes...
It is normal to seek
to search
and to reach in all directions
How exactly does this work?
I want to do it right...
to be perfect
but perfect is never how we grow
and so it works best when I find compassion for my weaknesses
grace in the midst of making mistakes
and love for all that I am
At times I struggle to breathe...
As a child I had severe asthma
which carried over until my early twenties 
I would have nightmares about suffocating
or being buried alive
I would also have dreams where I couldn't move
or speak
I was trapped in silence
but no more...
I have a voice 
I have a strong body
this breath
and always 

Angela Minard 2015©

Artwork by~ Amanda Cass


lumyn said...

i am so grateful for many things but for love i give my spirit.

Namaste' Aho. :)